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Will This Chip in My Tooth Heal on Its Own?

June 7, 2024

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Lady thinks something over

Chipped teeth are common dental injuries that, while unsightly, can often be painless or barely noticeable. If you find yourself with a chipped tooth, you may be tempted to assume that it will get better on its own and forgo seeing your dentist. Unfortunately, teeth do not have the ability to regrow lost enamel and chips can make them more vulnerable to further injury and infection. Here’s why it’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible after chipping a tooth.


Growing Concerns: Is Facial Swelling a Dental Emergency?

May 17, 2024

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Patient holding their cheek due to facial swelling

Have you ever felt your gums or cheeks swell up and wondered why? Facial swelling can be alarming, and many patients are unsure whether it calls for a trip to the dentist. If you ever find yourself on the fence, understanding the causes for swelling in the face or jaw is important. With proper knowledge, you can act quickly to get the help you need. Read on to learn some potential reasons for facial swelling and when to get immediate dental care.


Why Do I Have a Bitter Taste in My Mouth?

April 3, 2024

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person wondering why there’s a bitter taste in their mouth

Experiencing a constant bitter taste in your mouth can be frustrating, affecting many individuals. Although it may appear minor at first, it shouldn’t be disregarded as it could signify underlying health concerns. This unpleasant taste can arise from various factors, disrupting your daily routine. Understanding its potential causes, implications, and ways to address it is crucial. So, keep reading as we explore common reasons behind a bitter mouth taste.


What Happens If You Put Off a Root Canal

March 5, 2024

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person holding their cheek in pain

If your tooth is severely infected, your dentist may recommend a root canal to rescue and repair it. Despite common beliefs, root canal therapy is usually painless. It’s important not to postpone this treatment because leaving an infection untreated can harm your oral health. Keep reading to discover more about root canals and why seeking timely treatment is vital for your overall oral health.


Aching Teeth or Sinus Pains? Here’s How to Tell the Difference

February 9, 2024

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Woman not sure if she has a toothache or sinus issues

Are you experiencing discomfort in your upper jaw or face, but unsure if it’s related to your teeth or sinuses? It can be challenging to tell dental issues and sinus problems apart, as they often show similar symptoms. In fact, many patients get all the way to the dentist’s chair before they’re told what’s causing their aches. If you want to avoid this scenario and learn the differences between a toothache and sinus issues, continue reading.


Why You May Need Root Canal Retreatment

January 20, 2024

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patient getting tooth retreated with a root canal

A root canal is a treatment for a seriously infected. During the procedure, your dentist removes the infected part, fills the tooth, and then seals it. Though it’s uncommon, the treatment sometimes needs to be redone. There are a variety of reasons why this may be the case, so continue reading to learn what the reasons may be as well as what happens during retreatment.


Lower Denture Keeps Slipping Out of Place? Here Is What You Can Do

December 21, 2023

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Hand holding lower denture between thumb and forefinger

Your dentures should fit snugly but comfortably on your gum tissue. They should be secure enough that you do not worry about them becoming destabilized when you eat and speak. But what if your lower denture keeps slipping out of place? That can be a frustrating and uncomfortable problem. This blog post explains what might be causing the issue and suggests a few potential solutions.


When Dentures Bite Back: Three Complications of Ill-Fitting Dentures

November 10, 2023

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Modern dentures are a fantastic way to restore a smile after extensive tooth loss because they are incredibly lifelike and so comfortable that someone wearing them might forget that they’re there. However, they need to fit properly in order to look great and work well. In addition to being uncomfortable, an ill-fitting pair of dentures can lead to significant problems for your oral health. Here are three signs that your dentures may need to be examined by a dental professional.


Keep Your Teeth Looking Great with Proper Denture Care

October 13, 2023

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Dentures can be an excellent way to restore a smile after extensive tooth loss, but they require daily care and maintenance to keep working well and looking their best. Just like with real teeth, dentures require more than just brushing to stay healthy and beautiful. Read on to learn more about what constitutes proper denture care and how to make it part of your daily routine.


Are DIY Replacement Teeth Safe to Use?

September 5, 2023

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A DIY kit featuring felt teeth

With the rise of social media, many people now revel in do-it-yourself projects. Documenting them online is a great way to get an audience. Still, you shouldn’t make dental restoration a part of this hobby. The truth is that DIY replacement teeth aren’t safe – they can really damage your mouth. As such, you should see a qualified dentist for restorative treatments instead. To learn more, here’s a summary of why DIY replacement teeth are risky.

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