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Emergency Dentistry – Dallas, TX 

Call Us When You Need Urgent Dental Help

Everyone knows that you should visit the emergency room when you need immediate medical attention, but what about emergencies related to your teeth and gums? Arts Family Dentistry of Dallas can get you the help you need as soon as possible with a same-day emergency appointment. Call us immediately for emergency dentistry in our Dallas, TX dental office if you have a broken tooth, a knocked-out tooth, severe pain in your mouth, or any other symptoms that require immediate attention from a caring, knowledgeable dental team.

Woman in pain before emergency dentistry

Why Choose Arts Family Dentistry of Dallas for Emergency Dentistry?


How We Treat Dental Emergencies

Man in pain before emergency dentistry


The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Our team is trained to handle a wide array of dental emergencies, and we encourage you to call us immediately whenever the need for urgent care arises. If you aren’t able to get to our dental office immediately, you can still take a few steps to reduce your pain and prevent any further damage to your teeth and gums. Below is a list of some particularly common dental emergencies as well as some tips for treating them before you get to our dental office.


Understanding the Cost of Dental Emergencies

Mother and children checking in for emergency dentistry visit

Just as there’s no one form a dental emergency can take, there’s no one price we can attach to treatment. It all depends on what you need to protect your overall oral health; sometimes, a simple prescription is enough, but there are times you might need more extensive treatment as well. Our priority will be to stop your pain before we make recommendations for further treatment, at which point we’ll explain the costs involved.


Keys to Preventing Dental Emergencies

Woman flossing teeth to prevent dental emergencies

You can’t foresee every dental emergency, but you can certainly take steps to make your smile safer. Good oral hygiene is key for avoiding dental infections, so remember to brush and floss daily while also keeping up with your biannual appointments. To minimize the risk of cracking your enamel or losing a tooth, wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports; it’s also a good idea to wear one if you grind and clench your teeth at night. Avoid biting or chewing ice cubes or anything else especially hard.


Root Canals

Animated tooth during root canal therapy

Root canals are often associated with severe dental pain; however, the reality is that the treatment is a solution for dental discomfort and not a cause. It involves opening up the tooth and taking out damaged or infected dental pulp, thus removing the source of the pain. Your mouth will be numbed during the procedure, meaning it won’t be any more uncomfortable than getting a filling. Oftentimes, a root canal is the only way to save a tooth from being extracted.

Learn More About Root Canal Treatment


Tooth Extractions

Metal clasp holding an extracted tooth

We only suggest removing natural teeth as a last resort. Sometimes, severely decayed or broken teeth are beyond the point of repair and thus, need to be taken out before they can cause any more damage to the rest of the mouth. Of course, since you need a full set of teeth for your smile to function at its best, we will help you take the necessary steps to replace your missing tooth with a dental bridge, denture, or implant.


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