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Children’s Dentistry – Dallas, TX

Growing Smiles Deserve High-Quality Dental Care

Who doesn’t love seeing their children smile? Sadly, a child’s grin is just as vulnerable to decay as an adult’s; in fact, the risk is often even higher because children haven’t yet learned the best ways to brush and floss. Here at Arts Family Dentistry of Dallas, we can help guide your child’s smile through the early stages of development so that it remains bright and healthy as your little one continues to grow. Call us today to set up an appointment for children's dentistry in Dallas, TX. 

Young girl with healthy smile after children's dentistry visit

Why Choose Arts Family Dentistry of Dallas for Children’s Dentistry?


Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings for Kids

Dentist and child smiling together thanks to dental checkup and teeth cleaning visit

We usually tell parents that they should schedule their child’s initial dental appointment before their first birthday, or no later than six months after their first teeth erupt. At their preliminary visit, we will very briefly and gently examine their mouths, let you know if there are any concerning developments, and give you some tips on practicing good oral hygiene at home. We’ll provide more involved services as your child grows up, slowly integrating professional cleanings and “do it yourself” brushing tips into each appointment.


Dental Sealants

Young patient with dental sealants smiling

Cavities are an extremely common childhood dental issue. While they can appear in any tooth, they’re most likely to affect the molars and premolars. These teeth are primarily used in chewing, and they contain many deep pits and grooves that can trap bacteria and food particles. We can protect the molars and premolars by applying a thin layer of material known as a dental sealant to the chewing surfaces of these at-risk teeth. They block out food particles so that your little one will have an easier time keeping these particular areas clean.


Fluoride Treatments

Child receiving fluoride treatment

Children need regular fluoride exposure to keep their teeth as safe as possible from cavities, but unfortunately, they don’t always get as much exposure to this important mineral as they should. We can apply fluoride to your son’s or daughter’s teeth at the end of a routine cleaning in order to make their enamel stronger and reduce the risk of cavities until their next visit.


Tooth-Colored Fillings

Animated smile with noticeable metal filling instead of tooth colored filling

Even children who receive the best oral care at home can still develop cavities. We can repair minor cavities with tooth-colored fillings, making up for the enamel that was lost. The material will be carefully shaded according to the tooth’s natural color; that way it will match the rest of your child’s smile. A tooth-colored filling bonds directly with the enamel, meaning it provides better support than a traditional metal filling.


Athletic Mouthguards

Teen athlete placing an athletic mouthguard

If your son or daughter plays a sport that carries a risk of getting hit in the mouth or face, you need to make sure they always have the right gear to keep their smiles safe. That means giving them a mouthguard to wear even if the rules don’t require them to wear one. While you can pick up a “one size fits all” mouthguard at the store, the athletic mouthguards that we offer are fitted specifically for each patient’s mouth. Not only are they more comfortable and stable, but they also make it easier for your child to breathe and speak normally.


Children’s Oral Conscious Dental Sedation

Child talking to dentist after oral conscious dental sedation visit

Many children get nervous or even frightened when they visit the dentist. Our friendly team is always ready to lend a kind word and a gentle hand to help your little one feel calm. For those that need additional help, we can provide special medication for them to take on the day of their appointment. It will help them relax without putting them to sleep, letting them stay comfortable during their visit while also allowing them to follow instructions. It can take a while for the effects of oral conscious sedation to wear off, so you should make time for them to rest at home.



Young girl smiling after frenectomy

A lip or tongue-tie involves a piece of tissue that’s preventing your child from freely moving certain parts of their mouth, making it harder for them to eat and speak; in the worst-case scenario, it might even interfere with their breathing. A frenectomy gives us a quick way to put a stop to tongue and lip-ties. By using a laser to remove the excess tissue, we can keep bleeding to a minimum, and there will be virtually no post-treatment swelling to worry about.


Special Needs Dentistry

Little girl laughing after special needs dentistry visit

Getting your child important dental care can be somewhat challenging if they need accommodations for a physical, mental, behavioral, or sensory condition. All children deserve to have dazzling smiles that last for their entire lives, and we will do everything we can to make our treatments accessible for your family. Our team has been thoroughly trained to work with special needs patients and is ready to take whatever steps are needed to make each visit go smoothly.


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