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Preventive Dentistry – Dallas, TX

Stop Oral Health Issues Before They Escalate

The main focus of your biannual dental visits is prevention. By removing harmful bacteria that have accumulated on the teeth and identifying early signs of tooth decay and gum disease, we can help you avoid major oral health issues that could eventually turn into dental emergencies. If you’re looking for a new dentist and haven’t had a checkup in over six months, give us a call to schedule an appointment for preventive dentistry in Dallas, TX at Arts Family Dentistry of Dallas.

Smiling woman with toothbrush after preventive dentistry visit

Why Choose Arts Family Dentistry of Dallas for Preventive Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Woman giving two thumbs up after dental checkups and teeth cleanings

You can avoid many common dental diseases simply by having a checkup and cleaning done at least two times a year. One of our dentists will meet with you one-on-one to examine your teeth and gums as well as the alignment of your bite, the state of any restorative work, and any symptoms that could point to developing oral health issues. Our team will get rid of any harmful plaque and tartar that they find.


Nightguards for Bruxism

Man smiling thanks to protective nightguard for bruxism

Bruxism is another word for chronic grinding and clenching of the teeth, which often happens while you’re asleep. You may notice the effects of bruxism in the form of jaw pain and sensitive teeth when you wake up. If you don’t protect your teeth from the effects of bruxism, they can eventually become excessively worn down and more vulnerable to fractures. At your next appointment, we can take impressions of your teeth to create a custom-made mouthguard, which you can wear at night to keep your smile safe.


Fluoride Treatments

Dental patient receiving fluoride treatment

Fluoride is found in many of the foods that we eat as well as various oral hygiene products and the public water in most areas. By exposing your teeth to fluoride regularly, you can make the enamel protecting them stronger and more resistant to oral bacteria. At the end of routine dental cleaning, we can apply concentrated fluoride to your teeth to help protect them. This is often performed during children’s dental visits, but the service can help adults as well.


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